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Hot Buttered Rum

On February 3rd, 2007 "Hot Buttered Rum String Band" renamed themselves to "Hot Buttered Rum".

All recordings before this date should be listed at HBRSB but both names will be commonly grouped at the LMA under HBR.

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Hot Buttered Rum
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Set 1: Disc 1: MC Adam E Amanda Lynn, Spider, Small Axe, Little Liza Jane, Right Between Your Eyes, The Crest*, Take Me Home, Queen Elizabeth, Back On The Train, Be Kind Boys^ Set 2: Disc 2: Tuning /Banter Sugaree, New Speedway Boogie, Loose Lucy, (The Trial Of) John Walker Lindh, Horseshoe, Naked Blue > Dovetail Joint > Naked Blue, Sophronie > Elephant Hunting Song Set 3 Disc 3: You Ain't Goin' Nowhere#$, Little Cabin On The Hill$%, Wagon Wheel$, Poison Oak, Idaho Pines, Lovelight,...
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Topics: Acoustic, Rock, Bluegrass
Source: Set 1 & 2 Source: SBD & ADK A51 TLs (figure 8-blumlein)> Segue Dogstar Silverclad Cables > wMod UA5 > iRiver H120